Top 10 Richest MMA Fighters in the World 2018

By | April 20, 2016

Find the list of top 10 richest MMA fighters of the world in 2018 who are earning in million dollars. This updated list has been prepared as per Forbes listing. MMA which is also known as Mixed Martial Arts may not be as equally famous like boxing or any other physical sports, but over the years it has garnered a stable flow of fans and business supporters and the popular major brands made it a very lucrative sport about full body contact performed inside the cage.

Top 10 Richest MMA Fighters

Here are the top 10 richest MMA Fighter gathered according to their declared gross income and updated in 2017.

Georges St. Pierre – $25 Million

Georges St. PierreThe greatest name inside the cage has mastered the capacity to draw out his brute strength in facing his opponents along with accepting colossal endorsement offers to level up his net worth to the top spot. He was the best MMA fighter with 12 title wins up his sleeve until he was forced to retire in 2013.

BJ Penn – $20 Million

BJ PennLanding on second spot, his capacity to remain in the UFC for a broadened time frame has made him one of its wealthiest athletes. On record, he has 16 wins and ten losses. He is a consistent crowd drawer and doesn’t see himself retiring from the sport in the next three years or so. He invested his earnings on a clothing line and maintains a revenue earning website for the MMA enthusiasts.

Anderson Silva – $18 Million

Anderson SilvaHe was on a winning streak for the past seven years before getting defeated in 2013. However, he still has a solid fan base and was granted long term endorsement deals from a top shoe brand and burger company. Today, he is one of the most generously compensated MMA fighters in the record books of UFC.

Randy Couture – $17 Million

Randy CoutureHe is regarded as one of the leading pioneers of the full contact sport and saw its rise to popularity more than 15 years ago when he first stepped into the cage. Before he retired, he makes a minimum of $1 Million per match. His investment includes designing fitness gyms. His other source of income is making guest appearances on action films.

Fedor Emelianenko – $16. 5 Million

Fedor EmelianenkoHe is the trade secret of UFC and has created a huge impact every time he pins down his opponent. For now, he is retired busy with his MMA events promotion all over the world.


Brock Lesnar – $16 Million

Brock LesnarThis heavyweight fighter has done a hell of a great deal in the realm of battle games. He accomplished more wins than losses. In victory or in defeat, his opponents are aware that he can make $3 Million in just one title bout alone.


Tito Ortiz -$15 Million

Tito OrtizTito was one of the principal UFC stars and aware of his strong fan base. Rain or shine he is ready to compete and the roaring crowd adores his never say die behavior. He is one of the most proficient MMA contenders on the planet.


Chuck Liddell -$14 Million

Chuck LiddellHe has already resigned, but he is still perceived as among the greatest names in the game. He credits the PPV (pay per view) proceeds as one of the reasons why his income is still stable even if he already stopped fighting since 2010. Detail updated in June 2018.


Quinton Jackson – $12 Million

Quinton JacksonAfter an intense display of power in all of his fights, he decided to resign in 2013.  The marketing of his Japanese brand endorsement and his faithful fans made him return back in the cage and fight again in 2014.


Jon Jones – $10 Million

Jon JonesDespite the fact that he tested positive for substance abuse before his final title bout, he acknowledged it and vowed to remain clean and train hard for his last tournament where he manage to win and bring home almost half a million dollars and sealed a huge endorsement offer from a leading sports shoe brand.

Sr.No. MMA Fighter Name Total Net Worth
1 Georges St. Pierre $25 Million
2 BJ Penn $20 Million
3 Anderson Silva $18 Million
4 Randy Couture $17 Million
5 Fedor Emelianenko $16. 5 Million
6 Brock Lesnar $16 Million
7 Tito Ortiz $15 Million
8 Chuck Liddell $14 Million
9 Quinton Jackson $12 Million
10 Jon Jones $10 Million

If you know any other popular MMA sports man who having more than 10 million dollar net worth then do let us know.

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