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By | November 6, 2017

Fitness star Sophia Thiel shared her wiki including height, age, measurements, net worth, boyfriend name to nationality detail. Sophia Thiel is a famous supermodel known for her strength and determination. She is a bodybuilder, personal trainer, youTuber and entrepreneur. During her journey of becoming a supermodel she faced many society borne psychological problems such as bullying and envy, but she kept her focus on the aim. Though she is only 22, her estimated net worth is 175 million USD.Image Source:

Sophia Thiel


Full Name Sophia Thiel
Birth Date March 13, 1995
Nationality German
Height 5.7 feet / 1.70 m
Parents Under Review
Net Worth $175 Thousand
Source of Income YouTube Star
Annual Salary Under Review
Sibling N/A
Children N/A
Ethnicity White
Boyfriend Dating, name is under review

Sophia Thiele was born on in the year 1995. She grew up in Rosenheim, Germany. In her childhood, she was a quiet girl who took little interest in sports. She used to eat many unhealthy foods. Gradually, she started gaining fat and became an overweight kid. When she was 16, Sophia realized that she was going out of shape. So she started thinking of fitness and right nutrition, to put off excess fat. She learnt about body building from a school friend. Then she started going to gym for daily workouts. With her sincere schedule, she felt herself changing in terms of physique and overall fitness. Even though she was happy with her workouts, she was harassed by old friends. The school friend who advised her was her only true well wisher and gradually became her boyfriend.

At the age of 19, Sophia took her bodybuilding seriously. She followed her training sessions with more commitment. She also resorted to a strict dietary plan. Then, she was encouraged by her boyfriend to participate in body fitness competitions. Her efforts and patience yielded their results finally. Sophia was honored with 3rd place in Deutschen Meisterchaft des DBFV. The competion was a big morale booster.

Inspired by the instant glory she gained in the contest, Thiele decided to pave her way towards limelight. She started posting photographs showing her glamour and attitude on web world. This effort earned her the recognition, she was looking for. Later, she launched her own You tube channel. At present, her channel has 600,000 subscribers. She is also an Instagram star, with 950,000 followers.

Sophia Thiele provides significant workout tips, being a fitness trainer herself. She became a professional fitness trainer in December 2012. She strongly advocates high volume and low rest periods of only 40 to 60 seconds between workout sets. She negates over training completely. Her personal favorite is cardio.

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