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By | March 7, 2016

Robbie Coltrane current estimated net worth marks a sum of around 4 million dollars and lives a lucrative life with his family. Robbie Coltrane has played a captivating role in ‘Golden Eye’ and ‘The World is Not Enough’ from James Bond movie series and gained high appreciation from the audiences across the globe. Besides being an actor, he is an author and a comedian. His career witnessed a timeline that was clutched with regular ups and downs. But he successfully triumphed rounding a figure of 4 million dollars to his net worth calculation.

dollarNet Worth – $4 Million

Robbie Coltrane profile


Full Name: Robbie Coltrane, OBE

Birth Date

Birthday30th of March 1950


Ethnicity: Scottish

Height & Weight

Height and Weight

1.85 m / 6 feet





Wife: Rhona Gemmell

Children: Alice McMillan, Spencer McMillan

Born on 30th March 1950 in Scotland, Robbie Coltrane is actively indulged into acting profession since 1979. Robbie educated from Glenalmond college with many reward and awards in the field of art to his credit. Coltrane perused his first acting performance in a theater in his early 20’s. in 1981 he appeared in BBC’s television comedy ‘Kick Up the Eighties’ and his comic skills were publically validated. His amusing and gaudy role in comedy movies such as Flash Gordon, death Watch, Scrubbers, Defence of the Realm, Mona Lisa and many other worked wonders and provided audience with a novel reason to laugh.

Robbie’s biggest accomplishments include ‘Golden Eye ‘and ‘The World is Not Enough’ from the ahead of age James Bond movies. As a matter of fact, when J.K Rowling was penning down the list of actors to cast in her fantastic Harry Porter series, she named Robbie Coltrane to play Hagrid in a single quick breath. Travel and transportation are regarded as his passions and had fostered uncontrollably during his professional pursuit.

There was no area left for Robbie Coltrane to try his hand on. Coltrane star casted in a series of six educational programs during late 90’s that were titled under ‘Coltrane’s Planes and Automobiles’ where he was seen eulogizing the virtues of diesel engine, steam engine, the two-stroke engine along with the Jet engine. A decade later he again faced local television in his travel TV series that routed from London to Glasgow with halts at towns on the way. Robbie Coltrane was elected on 11th position for ITV’s Top 50 Greatest Stars.

Robbie Coltrane Net Worth $4 Million
Source of Wealth Acting
Yearly Income $0.4 Million
Monthly Income $33,000
Weekly Income $8,250
Daily Income $1,100

His success story unfolded majestically upon his vigorous pursuit in the comedy theatre that transported him on the robust platform of Television that uplifted his career in the most propitious way. He is married to Rhona Gemmell for 16 years and has two bright kids Spencer and Alice.

Robbie Coltrane salary Actor Robbie Coltrane

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