Matt Brown Net Worth 2018 (MMA), Wiki, Age, Family

By | June 17, 2017

Matt Brown is a professional MMA fighter from United States has a net worth of $4 million in 2018. As per his wiki, he is married, has 02 twin kids and a loving family. He is an American fighter who was born in 1981. He is a mixed artist and can do several things as he won the International sport Combat Federation in 2007 and recently signed for fighting Championship in Weltrweight. He is famously known as “The Immortal” due to his never losing attitude and wins overindulgent habit of Heroin and alcohol addiction.

Matt Brown

Full Name Matthew Burton Brown
Birth Date January 10, 1981
Age 37 Years
Nationality American
Net Worth $4 Million
Source of Income Mixed Martial Artist
Annual Salary $800 thousand
Ethnicity White
Wife Colleen Brown

Matt Brown was born and brought up in Jamestown, Ohio. 36 years old & 6ft tall, Brown undertook intense training in Japanese ju-jitsu and Jorge Gurgel. In his young age, he got badly addicted to intoxicants. He was applauded by his family and friends to overcome these bad habits by blooming a hobby of Martial arts into his lifestyle.

As per the report, the estimated net worth of this fighter Matt Brown is around $4 million in 2018.  MMA Fighter Matt’s fight salary is estimated approx $800,000. Matthew Burton Brown  earned highest among his competitors in UFC flight night worth approx $82,000. Brown grabbed power packed earnings of $100,000 from Flight of the Night and Performance of the Night. More info about Net worth is not disclosed as of now.

Brown is a diehard fan of Heavy metal and was escaped from heavy injury on Pantera Guitarist’s Darrell live musical concert in Dec, 2004. He also approached Jamey Jasta to deliver theme song on UFC and “The Immortal” song then released on March, 2015. Destiny adds glitters on Matt’s career when he appeared on Great MMA Debate podcast. Few other well known mma player like Alistair OvereemChuck Liddell and Renzo gracie whose worth are also huge.

In his career, he faced many money problems, but with his Great Spirit, he achieved his goal. On the Television series, the seventh season of “The Ultimate Fighter” he was a competitor. Matt Brown, an unsurpassable talented American based Mixed Martial Artist has set benchmark by his accomplishments for all struggling fighters. He is currently engaged in Welterweight division. He triumphed 20 Mixed Martial records including Brown Belt ranking in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Judo.

Matt’s has two adorable and cute twin kids from his beloved wife Colleen Brown. Matt faced many unpleasant situations mainly due to covetousness of his opponents. Public attack by Coach Rodrigo and fight with Jake Ellenberger never demolished his confidence. His wife showed an extended support towards his husband after headkick by Donald Cerrone. Matt faced troubling memory loss and stammering problem after that incident, but he stood up again and fought with the situations.    

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