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By | March 9, 2016

Malik Yoba was born in New York with net worth $3,000,000. Malik Yoba was the fourth son among six children. He was married to model Cat Wilson who also was a star of his stage plays “His woman his wife” in the year 2000. But eventually he had a divorce very soon. He was blessed with one son and two beautiful daughters. Rumor were flown that it was due to his previous relationships. He is the actor who first used to do many theater shows in front of live audience. This was just the start as his dreams were bigger and soon he became a well known actor in the television shows.

dollarNet Worth – $3 Million

Malik Yoba Profile


Full Name: Abdul-Malik Kashie Yoba

Annual Salary: $250,000

Birth Date

Birthday17th of September 1967


Ethnicity: African

Height & Weight

Height and Weight

1.88 m / 6.2 feet




Wife: Cat Wilson

Children: Dena Yoba, Josiah Yoba and Pria Yoba

1994 was the year where the light of the carrier became much brighter. His role began with the NYPD Detective as J.C. Williams for the most viewed Police drama on FOX. It was the “New York Undercover” with DeLorenzo. This show had created a history as it became the most viewed weekly show on the Television. The main theme of the show was to show two different races of people joining together and solving cases. This show has won many awards for being consecutive shows for 5 long years. The show went off air in 1988 as Yoba had completed a total of 89 episodes.

Yoba had also worked in many movies, where his work is still being appreciated. The movies in which he acted were “Cool Runnings” and also “Criminal” were the award winners. In the year 2009 after doing much of the TV shows for FOX like Arrested Development as agents. He finally got the work as Ted Shaw who is an Astronaut for the Drama in “Defying Gravity”. In the year 2010 he was again casted in the Series of “Why Did I get Married Too?” With the recent announcement that he will be back in the new series of “New York Undercover”, had made many people to wait for the start of this show.

Malik Yoba Net Worth $3 Million
Source of Wealth Acting and Singing
Yearly Income $0.25 Million
Monthly Income $20,000
Weekly Income $5,000
Daily Income $700

In the year 2011 Yoba was again seen as an FBI former Agent, Bill in “Alphas”. It was science drama which had different people with various abilities and it was ended in 2012 as the series was meant only for an year. By the year 2013 he was casted for Jim Hudson in the Revolution, as a former captain in Monroe Republic. By the year 2013 he was casted for Jim Hudson in the Revolution, as a former captain in Monroe Republic

Malik Yoba salary Actor Malik Yoba

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