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By | March 27, 2016
Josh Gad Salary in 2017 $280,000
Source of Income Acting
Josh Gad’s Net Worth $2 Million
Birthday Date 23rd of February 1981
Monthly Income $23,000
Weekly Income $5,700
Daily Income $800

The current net worth of comes to Josh Gad is $2,000,000 which also covers his incomes from commercials and other activities. Joshua Ilan “Josh” Gad aka Josh Glad is a well-known American Singer. He was born in 1981, his skills speaks far more than his looks. With the mesmerizing power of his voice, it was selected in one of the highly appreciated movie Frozen. It was animated and the voice was given to the most loved character Olaf.

dollarNet Worth – $2 Million

Josh Gad profile


Full Name: Joshua Ilan Josh Gad

Annual Salary: $280,000

Birth Date

Birthday23rd of February 1981


Ethnicity:  Afghan and Ashkenazi Jewish

Height & Weight

Height and Weight

1.69 m / 5.5 feet

85 kg / 187 lb




Wife: Ida Darvish

Children: Isabelle Gad, Ava Gad

His original work as Arnold won the hearts of many in Broadway Musical. His appearance in many of the daily series made him the most watched actor for the local audiences. The powerful Ryan Church role can’t be forgotten by his fans and the impact of Gilchrist made him to stand above the other actors of the time. He also played a same but little different role in “The Comedians” a series went air in FX’s.

Josh was raised in the heart of Hollywood, Florida. By birth and nature Josh is Jewish, as his father came all over from Afghanistan and his mother belongs to Ashkenazi. It can be said that Josh has genes which makes the difference. By 1999 his graduation was completed, he was one of the best students it can be seen as few of the awards were grabbed by him. In 2003 he got another degree for drama in Bachelor of Fine Arts from “Carnegie Mellon College of Fine Arts”.

Josh got married in the year 2008 to an actress Ida Drvish and he was blessed with two daughters. Josh seems to be man who loves his traditions of being Jewish, but he does not consider himself as a religious person. The year 2008 was the starting of the bright future for him as he got the supporting role for the movie “21”. The lead role in the same year for “The Rocker”, and then he didn’t stop as he was continuously seen on the screen. In the year 2015 he is casted in the show “The Comedians”, stared in the movie Pixels.

It will really take a lot of time to reach the net worth of Glad. Few of the movies which gave him money are higher than expectations. Angry Birds movie gave him approx $350,000, from comedians he pulls $280,000, the Gilligan’s Island $220,000 and from Kinison he got $150,000. All these values are approximate but when totaled it gives $1,000,000.

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