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By | March 20, 2018

Brigitte Goudz is a young fitness model whose wiki revealed her age, height, measurements, net worth, family background, workout plan, to diet detail. Born in 1994, Brigitte Goudz is a rising fitness personality – find her boyfriend and facts info. Brigitte Goudz from Pennsylvania, US is one of those fitness models who think that fitness is not about spending time in the gym, but it is also about enhancing inner happiness contributing to the development of a fit body and a contented state of being happy and healthy and prosperous. She spent a considerable part of her youth with a dismal self-image being devoid of belief in herself and her abilities.  At the age of 18, she joined a gym and worked hard to transform her physique and mental status. Now, she is one of the fitness model icons and a sponsored athlete.

Brigitte Goudz

Full Name Galina Dub
Birth Date 1994
Nationality ‎American
Height 5.6 feet / 1.67 m
Measurements 34-24-34
Parents N/A
Net Worth $100 Thousand (estimated)
Source of Income Fitness Model
Annual Salary $50,000
Sibling N/A
Children N/A
Ethnicity White
Boyfriend Probably Single

Brigitte Goudz was born on July 26, 1994. She is an American.  Presently, she lives in Warminster, PA. She is only 23 years old. At the age of 22, she became a globally known fitness model and a sponsored athlete. Brigitte is 5 ft 6 inch tall, with the wonderful figure, especially her legs. She has acquired a body weight around 140lbs (63.5kg). She says that being a female, she wants to inspire other women to shake off premature assumption while they go for weight training.


Before each workout, Brigitte makes sure that she has warmed up her body, and for this, she spends few minutes on cardio. She says that she will go for doing complete cardio session twice or thrice in a week if she wants to lose fat very rapidly. During her cardio-session, Brigitte prefers running on a treadmill or practicing the Stairmaster that looks after every major muscle in her lower body, contributing to building up her strength and endurance. Brigitte’s favorite exercises are pull-ups and knee-bends. Besides gluteus muscle, her favorite body parts are legs. Have a look to similar fitness personality like Amanda Lee, Cass Martin, and Anllela Sagra detail here.

Weekly Workout Plans: First day of the week should be invested in exercises relating to the upper body parts while the second should be invested in developing the lower body parts. The third day is for a break. Rest of the days of the week should be invested in improving the chest, quadriceps, arms, biceps, and legs.

Fitness model Brigitte Goudz workout


Brigitte did not initially take care of starting with a balanced nutrition plan, and that was why most of her effort could not fetch the desired result, and she succeeded to transform her body only after adopting balanced nutrition plan that includes foods like organic beef and chicken, eggs, cheese, milk products, vegetables, carbohydrates and measured amount of fats.  Brigitte, for her discipline and perseverance, has already become a popular model of fitness. She says that media has given her a passage to convey her mind to those who are desirous of understanding the secret of a good and healthy lifestyle.

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