Amouranth – Bio, Height, Age, Boyfriend, Facts

By | October 20, 2017

Twitch model Amouranth finally shared her biography including her real name, age, height, net worth and facts detail. Find whether she is married & husband name. Amouranth is many things. She is an extremely talented personality who is making her name felt in the cosplay universe. Anyone who is associated with cosplaying and other related stuffs knows her name and holds her in high regard. She is a self taught woman who develops and designs her own costumes, making her a frontrunner in the costuming department. Image source :


Full Name Kaitlyn Siragusa
Birth Date December 2, 1993
Nationality American
Height 5.4 feet / 1.64 m
Measurements 34-24-35
Net Worth Under Review
Source of Income Model & Entrepreneur
Annual Salary Under Review
Sibling N/A
Children N/A
Ethnicity Italian, English, Irish and Cherokee
Boyfriend Matt Barr

Amouranth was born on December 2, 1990 in the United States of America. Her real name is Kaitlyn Siragusa.  Today, Amouranth is not just a Twitch star but she is also a renowned costume designer, popular model, and a successful entrepreneur. She is living in a beautiful house located in Houston, Texas. She began her cosplaying journey during early 2010 as a self taught costum .

She was lucky enough to get discovered by the Houston Grand Opera and then by the Houston Ballet. She was employed by them in their costuming departments. She is undoubtedly a geek and even attended several conventions that promoted her love for art and geeky stuffs. Don’t forget to check out other similar Twitch stars like CohhCarnage, Alodia Gosiengfiao and Keemstar who are well known personalities.

She educated herself to work with a variety of materials which included leather, worbla, resin and a number of other things. She even winds her own chainmail on a hand and homemade mandrel. It is to her credit that she accepts any challenging and difficult design with open arms and never shied away from any alien territory that would help her to expand her craft.

Amouranth selfie

She went on to open her own character company, A Charmed Affair in 2015, employing her skills that she learned from her days in cosplaying. This proved to be a fruitful investment and she turned his to a profitable career. This attracted the attention of the media and she appeared on a number of news segments and Discovery Network’s TLC’s “The Little Couple” twice. One of her inspiration is Yaya Han, whom she met at the TwitchCon 2016.

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  1. kenny

    I had a big crush on her, I’m so disappointed and jealous that she actually is taken 🙁

    1. Jeriah

      I don’t think she is taken? But regardless, I’m willing to bet yours or my chances with her are about 1 and 5 billion.

  2. Mike

    She is actually married to Nick Lee she keeps it a secret so the white knights will keep giving her money

  3. Nick Lee

    Yo, who is this Matt Barr??!! Kate best not be cheating on me. I love her

  4. Nick Lee

    Yo, Kaitlyn is my wife and we make steamy kung pao stir fry chicken every night. In bed. I know you nerds be jealous, but the truth is you white boys never stood a chance against my superior Asian intellect. And guess what? All your money you donate goes to me! This was my master plan. I get rich by horny virgins on the Internet throwing cash at my wife. Ahahaha! I use your money to get a statue of myself made from gold. You nerdy white boys never stood a chance.


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